Mozartkugel – the treat of Salzburg

It was a short moment of irritation, when a branch of the trade union announced a few days ago the famous „Mozartkugeln“ (the translation Mozartballs is quite capable of being misunderstood) would be packaged in Czech Republic in near future. The Mozartkugeln are Salzburg’s most famous souvenir – marvellous chocolate balls filled with pistachio marzipan and nougat.

I remember vividly a crowd of Japanese tourists in a local supermarket, with a shopping cart, filled up to the top with the Mozartkugel – fifteen minutes before closing time. The remaining customers waiting in the line, mainly locals buying just what they needed immediately for their dinner, were not really amused.

The original Mozartkugel (Photo by Clemens Pfeiffer)

Of course the idea of inventing this charming sweetie and associate it with the name of the city’s grandest son, was brilliant. Hence, it’s not surprising,  there were a lot of imitators and the right to market the „original“ Mozartkugel was fought out at court. Now – there is the „original“ Mozartkugel ( recognizable through its silver package paper) and all the rest – with the golden package paper.

But the thing is: You can buy the original Mozartkugel only in Salzburg in three centrally located shops. The one in the golden package is not only available all over Austria but also in duty free shops all over the world. So if you want the exclusive one, you know where to head. However -one day after the announcement of the outsourcing of the production to Czech Republic, the company announced, that the whole production process will remain in Salzburg. So – no matter which kind of Mozartkugel you buy it will be local produced and packaged.


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